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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Wintersday finale minigame. For the Shing Jea Boardwalk minigame, see Nine Rings.

This minigame is part of the Wintersday Finale.


The game is similar to Nine Rings available during other Guild Wars holiday events. Players choose to stand in any of 9 rings, each of which has an equal chance to be the winner. Rewards depend on which ring you stand on or next to. The ring game costs 1 Candy Cane Shard per round. There are 15 rounds during each finale and 9 finales in 2009.

During the Wintersday version, players can choose to stand on rings affiliated with Grenth or Dwayna; the festival mask is decided by which god's patrons win the most tickets.


Position Reward Average Payout
Chance for Win
(Includes Adjacent)
Adjacent to winning circle
(Not diagonal)
2 Candy Cane Shards Gray X.png Gray X.png
Winning circle (center) 1 Wintersday Gift,
3 Candy Cane Shards
1.222 (11/9) 5/9
Winning circle (side) 1 Wintersday Gift,
4 Candy Cane Shards
1.111 (10/9) 4/9
Winning circle (corner) 1 Wintersday Gift,
5 Candy Cane Shards
1.000 (9/9) 3/9


  • Maximizing Gifts: Your odds of receiving a Wintersday Gift are 1 out of 9, no matter where you stand.
  • Maximizing Shards: Your chances for accruing shards are best in the center circle despite the nominally smaller reward: you have 4 chances to win 2 shards in addition to 1 chance to win 3.
  • Maximizing Lucky & Unlucky titles: Since each finale consists of only 15 rounds, neither title will be much changed after the 30-min finale (in contrast to ordinary 9 Rings, which offers nearly 200 rounds in 30 minutes). As in the ordinary 9 rings, standing in the corner circles will increase your unlucky title faster. However, in this version, standing in the center circle is better for Lucky.

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