Nine Rings (Wintersday)

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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Wintersday finale minigame. For the Shing Jea Boardwalk minigame, see Nine Rings.

This minigame is part of the Wintersday Finale.

Description[edit | edit source]

The game is similar to Nine Rings available during other Guild Wars holiday events. Players choose to stand in any of 9 rings, each of which has an equal chance to be the winner. Rewards depend on which ring you stand on or next to. The ring game costs 1 Candy Cane Shard per round. There are 15 rounds during each finale and 9 finales in 2009.

During the Wintersday version, players can choose to stand on rings affiliated with Grenth or Dwayna; the festival mask is decided by which god's patrons win the most tickets.

Handicapping[edit | edit source]

Position Reward Average Payout
Chance for Win
(Includes Adjacent)
Adjacent to winning circle
(Not diagonal)
2 Candy Cane Shards Gray X.png Gray X.png
Winning circle (center) 1 Wintersday Gift,
3 Candy Cane Shards
1.222 (11/9) 5/9
Winning circle (side) 1 Wintersday Gift,
4 Candy Cane Shards
1.111 (10/9) 4/9
Winning circle (corner) 1 Wintersday Gift,
5 Candy Cane Shards
1.000 (9/9) 3/9

Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • Maximizing Gifts: Your odds of receiving a Wintersday Gift are 1 out of 9, no matter where you stand.
  • Maximizing Shards: Your chances for accruing shards are best in the center circle despite the nominally smaller reward: you have 4 chances to win 2 shards in addition to 1 chance to win 3.
  • Maximizing Lucky & Unlucky titles: Since each finale consists of only 15 rounds, neither title will be much changed after the 30-min finale (in contrast to ordinary 9 Rings, which offers nearly 200 rounds in 30 minutes). As in the ordinary 9 rings, standing in the corner circles will increase your unlucky title faster. However, in this version, standing in the center circle is better for Lucky.

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