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Norrhart Domains
Norrhart Domains.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Map area 6.53%
Neighbors Bjora Marches
Drakkar Lake
Gunnar's Hold
Ice Cliff Chasms
Varajar Fells
Services Collector
Norrhart Domains map.jpg
Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


Norrhart Domains is an Explorable area in the Far Shiverpeaks. The terrain is composed of open areas in the southeast and northwest, a complex system of cliffs in the southwest, a cave in the south, and many close passes. There isn't much of interest here.


Towns and Outposts[]

Explorable areas[]

Points of Interest[]






Norrhart Domains vanquished

  • Vanquishers must defeat 175-270 foes in this area.
    • Pay attention for the Avalanches and Frozen Elementals if vanquishing, as they can wipe your party with Maelstrom, and Deep Freeze makes escaping rather difficult. Spreading out before aggroing them is recommended.
    • Watch out for Baglorag Grumblesnort and his group, as they are very strong and can wipe an unprepared party. Even worse is that he has a large patrolling line, making it able to be twisted with other groups during battle.
    • There are several Ice Dart Traps scattered around the north-central area where the centaurs are, so pull them carefully away from the traps.
    • This area is very easily vanquished as long as you spread out before facing any foes.

The Jotun clearing

  • A bit northwest from the exit to Drakkar Lake, there is a small clearing around a campfire where several Jotun can be found, and two of them will be fighting each other while the others cheer by saying "Smash good!" and the like. The "spectator" Jotun show up on the radar as friendly NPCs, but all will turn hostile if the party gets too close. The two battling Jotuns will be kept alive by automatic healing, which is removed when all Jotuns turn hostile.
Bug.png Bug! If you pull the two fighting Jotuns from a distance (e.g. with a longbow) without triggering the other Jotuns, the battling Jotuns will remain in 'immortal mode', making it impossible to vanquish the area. This will be the case even if you subsequently trigger the event!
  • In HM Kilroy might show up; if so, he will spawn more enemies making it slightly more difficult.
  • This explorable area is closed until you have completed the second quest-log line of Against the Destroyers.
  • In the cave, most Kveldulfs are unlinked, and can be pulled one at a time. Fenrir is in a linked group and there is one other linked group (towards west exit).