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  1. Speak with Sergeant Bokkun about the heket rumor.
  2. See Commander Tanmod for your reward.

Obtained from

Sergeant Bolrob in The Kodash Bazaar



"Ahai, Sunspear. I could use your help. I serve Ahmtur the Mighty, who holds the Citadel of Dzagon against the inhuman heket. I've been hearing rumors that the numbers of these toad-like creatures are increasing, and they may be amassing for an attack. Find my colleague, Sergeant Bokkun, in the Mirror of Lyss and gather what information you can. Then speak to Commander Tanmod and deliver a report on the situation."
Accept: "I'll track down this Bokkun and get to the bottom of this."
Reject: "I'm sure it's just a rumor. Nothing to worry about...."

Intermediate Dialogue (Sergeant Bokkun)

"Bolrob is right. I see heket on every ridgeline and in the valleys as well. The attack is imminent, but they are waiting for more units and supplies before striking. Send word to Tanmod that if he requires our services, we are more than willing to send a few heket to their graves!"

Reward Dialogue

"Ahai, Sunspear. What brings you here? What? Bokkun says an attack is coming from the heket? Interesting. They're nasty creatures, those foul toads, but they don't have the equipment or leadership to attack the Citadel. Still, we can't be too careful. I need more details, and you can help me get them!"


For Your Ears Only


You will find Sergeant Bokkun close to the entrance into Dzagonur Bastion, so if you have that location (or Grand Court of Sebelkeh) on your map already, map travel there first will save time. Exit into the Mirror of Lyss, speak to him and enter / return to Dzagonur Bastion to report in to Commander Tanmod and get your reward and the next quest.


  • Starts a chain of six quests:
  1. Sergeant Bolrob: Old Friends
  2. Commander Tanmod: For Your Ears Only
  3. Commander Tanmod: Interception
  4. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: Population Control
  5. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: Guard Rescue
  6. Lieutenant Murunda: Extinction

Quest Series
Old Friends · For Your Ears Only · Interception · Population Control · Guard Rescue · Extinction