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  1. Speak with Su.
  2. Speak with Reng Ku.
  3. Travel to Raiyan Cave and kill the bedeviled Naga.
"There you are, .....! Listen, dear, I need you to do something for me. Headmaster Amara tells me that a sickness has come to Cantha, and I believe that bedeviled Naga down in Raiyan Cave is the cause of it. Fo and find Su and Reng Ku, my darling grandchildren, and the three of you get down to that cave and kill that nasty beasts who lives there. If they refuse to help, you must go alone, fot the food of the monastery and all Shing Jea inhabitants. That is reason enough to kill that creature...."

Obtained From

Headmaster Kuju in Shing Jea Monastery



"... Forgot to write down..."
Reng Ku: "So you have chosen the path of the Necromancer, also. Well, you will soon learn life is all about death. And pain. And sadness. Well, I suppose I am your teacher fo the time being. What do you need of me?"
Reng Ku: "The sky saddens me. Each day seems more pointless then the last, each blue sky just a reminder that dark clouds will follow. I am far too depressed to help you, but stay a moment and listen to the song I am writing: Black is the color of the heart in my chest..... Black is the color that I love best...."