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Oola's Lab
Oola's Lab.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Levels 3
Dungeon quest Little Workshop of Horrors
Reward chest Oola's Chest
Map area n/a
Neighbors Magus Stones
Services Collector
Oola's Lab map.jpg


Oola, a reclusive Asura whose magical skills and achievements have made her a nearly legendary figure, once resided at the bottom of a labyrinthine system of caverns. Disdaining polite society, she sequestered herself in a hidden laboratory to continue her work in peace and quiet. When her fellow Asura needed her expertise in the battle against the Destroyers, Oola rejoined them. With no one left to maintain the golems that once guarded the lab, her creations went berserk. The only way to restore order was by tracking down the TPS regulator, the ultimate source of these major malfunctions.

Master Dungeon Guide

Oola's Lab is a 3 level dungeon. The vast majority of foes there are golems. The Dungeon Boss is the level 29 TPS Regulator Golem, which is accompanied by two Flame Guardians. Once the TPS Regulator Golem is killed, Oola's Chest will spawn.

Getting there[]

Leave Rata Sum by using the southern portal to Magus Stones. Head west and you'll find Oola's Lab.

Do not talk with Blimm when you pass him, he leads you to a secret entrance to Oola's Lab, however this is for the quest Lab Space.






Boss-like foes[]


Level 1[]

This level is fairly linear and it is hard to get lost. Battle your way through a few groups of mostly melee Malfunctioning Golems and Unstable Golems. Take care to avoid the Fire Dart traps. Next you will come to several groups of Thorn Beetles where the path spilts to the left and right. Go below to the left and you will find a Flame Guardian and a Fire Dart trap. Kill the Flame Guardian to disable all nearby traps. Go back and continue along the right path. When you get near the Dungeon Key, Xien will take it and disappear. Soon, you will come to a Resurrection shrine where you will see another Flame Guardian ahead and a pathway to the left. Kill the Flame Guardian then head along the path and kill the other Golems.

Continue along into an icy area with more Golems. Near the end will be a steep path on the left. At the end is a Flame Guardian. Kill it and move on. Directly after the icy area, Xien will appear and attack you. Being alone, he will quickly be injured and disappear again. As you come up a ramp into another section of the dungeon, Xien and some Needling Lavastriders will appear. Again, when wounded Xien will disappear.

This room contains Golems and Beetles fighting each other. At the end, Xien will spawn again. At the beginning of the next corridor, more Lavastriders will spawn along with Xien. At the entrance to the final room, Xien will appear once more. This time, you kill him and he drops the Dungeon Key. Kill the remaining Golems and enter the next level.

Level 2[]

As soon as you load, you will see groups of beetles and Golems fighting each other. Kill anyone in your way to the door on the right. The next large room is rather hazardous. There are both a Malfunctioning Shield Golem and a Malfunctioning Regulator Golem. One of them must be killed to advance. The Shield Golem has a Reverse Polarity Fire Shield around it and the Regulator Golem spawns more Golems on its death. Unfortunately, the room is filled with Fire Dart traps, though not all are functioning. There are also roaming Golems and a Forge Imp. Fire defense skills will be highly useful here.

The next room has many Golems and a patrol with a Malfunctioning Regulator Golem. On the west is a circular room lined with Flame Jets. At the beginning is an Unstable Magical Energy Source. At the end is a Flux Matrix and a Malfunctioning Enduring Golem that can only be damaged by charging the Flux Matrix at the Unstable Magical Energy Source and dropping it near the Golem. Blind the Golem to prevent massive damage from its melee attacks. Killing the Enduring Golem will cause the Dungeon Key to spawn.

Level 3[]

Kill the rather meager golem mobs on your way to the TPS Regulator Golem. The golem is at the top of an elevated area with narrow stairs leading up to it. The elevated area is filled with Fire Dart Traps, making it extremely dangerous. Flame Guardians are located a little ways on either side of the TPS Regulator Golem. Killing each of them disables the traps on their respective sides. It is possible to take out the Flame Guardian on the right without even ascending the steps, making the end battle much easier. It is possible to pull the other Flame Guardian, though the puller may be hit by the Fire Darts. It is also possible to aggro the TPS Regulator Golem and have it descend the stairs, leaving it without help from the Fire Dart traps. The TPS Regulator Golem itself is not a large threat, though casters should stay away, as Unstable Pulse can be lethal to 60 AL players.


  • Flame Guardians cause nearby Fire Dart traps to deactivate. Killing them is highly recommended.
  • The golems are primarily melee, with the occasional one that uses Air Magic. Generic anti-melee skills are effective.
  • Fire Darts are hazardous and there are a great deal of Fire Dart Traps in level 2. Anti-fire skills are effective here.
  • Builds that heavily rely on corpses (such as minion masters) are less efficient in this dungeon, as most of the foes are golems, which don't leave exploitable corpses.
  • The Thorn Beetles, Skelk, and Golems will fight each other if you let them.
  • Blinding Flash is used by some of the golems so bringing appropriate skills to counter-act this can help.

Light of Deldrimor Rewards[]

Level 1

  • There is a Dwarven ghost just north of the area map.
  • There is a second Dwarven ghost next to the second Beacon of Droknar.
  • There is a hidden treasure just west of the 3rd beacon.
  • There is a hidden treasure in the room in the middle of the path between third beacon and exit to second floor,
  • There are 1-3 hidden treasures around the rock near the end of lvl 1 (varies)

Level 2

  • There is a Dwarven ghost next to the second Beacon of Droknar.
  • West of the second Beacon of Droknar, through the open doors, is a hidden treasure (not there every time?).
  • There is a hidden treasure along the South wall by the 1st Malfunctioning Regulator Golem. It is behind the metal pillar with the southern-most torch. (not there every time)
  • There is a Dwarven Ghost south of the Area Map in the water.
  • When you get to the third Beacon of Droknar, use Light of Deldrimor, there is a hidden treasure behind the Spider-like Golem. (Looks like a 5 star on your minimap, closest to the beacon, might have to run a bit closer before activating the skill or it won't show). (not there every time)
  • There is a hidden treasure right in front of the unstable energy matrix.
  • There is a secret switch to the right of the unstable energy matrix, in front of the fire trap, which opens a passage behind the enduring Golem (boss with the dungeon key). This passage contains three spots: one is a Dwarven ghost and two are hidden treasures. (all 3 not there every time). (4 Treasures the time I visited; 2 gold, 1 ghost, 1 rare)
  • There is a hidden treasure just north west of the stairs going to level 3 (may not be there every time)
  • There is a hidden treasure just north of the stairs leading down to level 3. (not there every time)

Level 3

  • There is a secret switch behind the small lava pool directly in front of you as you enter the level. This opens a room behind the area map. This passage contains a Dwarven ghost and 1-2 hidden treasures.
  • There is sometimes a hidden treasure to the right of the second Beacon of Droknar, in the deep crack in the wall.
  • After the second Beacon, go down the stairs and head directly North. There is a hidden treasure along the diagonal wall.
  • There is sometimes another hidden treasure to the left of the previous one, in the middle of the blackened ground area.
  • There is sometimes a hidden treasure on the platform where the boss is. After going up the stairs turn right and go all the way back into the NW corner of the platform. The hidden treasure is back there in that little nook, behind the Flame Guardian.
  • There is sometimes another hidden treasure on the platform where the boss is. After going up the stairs, go left. There is a Flame Guardian. The hidden treasure is behind the Flame Guardian and right in front of the pouring water.



  • Important: If you're repeating the dungeon, do not talk to Blimm when in Magus Stones, just enter the portal.
  • In Level 1, the dungeon key will not drop at the location indicated in the map. Continue towards the dungeon lock and fight Xien as you go. He drops the key after defeating him near the lock.
  • The TPS Regulator Golem can be stuck behind a fire dart trap on the last level, making for an easy kill with degeneration and ranged attacks.
  • The golems drop a fairly large number of Golem Runestones in this dungeon, making it an excellent place to farm Granite Slabs, which they salvage into.
Bug.png Bug! While in the first level of the dungeon right after killing the second Fire Golem you will have to go through a door. Notice that this door might not be open therefore you will have to resign the dungeon quest and start it again.
Bug.png Bug! Sometimes hidden treasures do not appear.


  • This dungeon quest has many references to the movie Office Space. See Little Workshop of Horrors for details.
  • When you drop the Flux to damage the Malfunctioning Enduring Golem, the damage dealt to enemies will always be 1337 (or "leet"), unless you use skills that alter your damage, ex. "By Ural's Hammer!".
  • There are four Iron Forgemen in the room with the dungeon lock on the second floor.

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