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Ooze Pit
Ooze Pit.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Levels 1
Dungeon quest Watch it Jiggle
Reward chest Prismatic Chest
Map area n/a
Neighbors Grothmar Wardowns
Services Collector
Ooze Pit map.jpg


This dungeon is accessible from Grothmar Wardowns. The quest Watch it Jiggle from Seer Fiercereign (outside of Doomlore Shrine next to the devourer) is necessary to unlock the first door. The dungeon consists of one level, filled with mostly Ooze and several spawns of Incubi. Additionally, there are stone boulders circling certain paths near the boss key and boss area. The final chest rewards you with a random gold item, an Onyx Gemstone or a Diamond and Prismatic Gelatinous Material.


Getting there[]



Fastest Route



Boss-like Creatures[]


Light of Deldrimor[]

  • Deldrimor Ghost
    • Behind the Area Map
    • Northwest of the Boss Key icon (there are two hidden treasures and a ghost here)
    • Next to the Boss Lock
  • Hidden Treasure
    • Northeast from Gloop on the opposite side of the cracked wall.
    • Behind the Prismatic Ooze at the end. Does not always appear.



  • The strong AoE used by the Earthbound Ooze in this area can easily wipe out an unprepared party. Consider using a Broad Head Arrow interrupter such as Zho to shut down their casting, or simply destroy them first.
  • Most oozes will start each fight with Ooze Division, effectively doubling the size of each group.
    • Note that it is possible to avoid increased group sizes caused by Ooze Division by destroying oozes outside of character range. This can be accomplished by using certain Beast Mastery and similarly styled builds.
  • Every ooze in this dungeon has a chance to drop Unstable Gelatinous Material, which can be used to destroy certain walls and doors, and oozes too.

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