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  1. Collect 5 more Orrian tablet shards.
  2. Return to Magi Malaquire for your reward.

Obtained from

Magi Malaquire in Lion's Arch


Prophecies character



"I am known to mortal men as Magi Malaquire. I have been researching new methods in skill acquisition. Such a task is effortless to one such as I, of course, but I lack one final ingredient. Long ago, ancient tablets were brought here from Orr by wizards of some consequence. They were buried in North Kryta Province, where their magic seeped into the very earth. I sent villagers to excavate these tablets for me, but alas, they unearthed only magical beings made of clay. I believe that these enchanted clay creatures hold shards of the Orrian tablets within themselves. I need heroes such as you to defeat these creatures and return to me the Orrian tablet shards contained within. Bring me 5 shards that I may continue my research."
"You will of course accept this task?"

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you! These shards are very important to my research. Now leave me to my work. Soon all will be revealed."


Malaquire's Test


The area marked on the map is only accessible from the sea. There is a path in the cliff that can be entered from a sand bank in front of the shore. Usually there is a group of Mergoyles around.

When approaching the Enchanted Clays which hold the tablet shards prepare to be swarmed. There are about twenty or so and they will all rush towards you once one of them comes into aggro range. They are not very tough, but their number can become a problem. The Clays are weak to fire, so fire elementalists are useful- especially since the Clays are trapped in a tight space, and so are vulnerable to AoE damage.

TIP: Try to do this quest when you have activated the quest The Ascalon Settlement. Devona and the other Ascalon Heroes will be a great help.