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The Outcasts are a group of bandits that are encountered attacking Luxon ships and mining operations in the Jade Sea. They were once normal Luxons who "dug too deep in the Jade and went mad". In truth they encountered Kanaxai in The Deep and have been corrupted by his influence and/or driven mad. They now serve as minions in his Nightmare Horde. They will naturally fight most other creatures in the area.


Profession Low-level
(The Jade Sea)
(The Deep)
WarriorOutcast Warrior 22 -
WarriorOutcast Reaver - 28
RangerOutcast Raider - 28
NecromancerOutcast Deathhand 21 28
ElementalistOutcast Spellstorm - 28
AssassinOutcast Assassin 22 28
RitualistOutcast Ritualist 23 28
Collectable Drop Bone Charm -

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The story of the Luxon Outcasts greatly resembles that of the Reavers from the television series Firefly. This is further evidenced by the fact that all the Outcast were once Luxon Reavers. This is not the only reference to Firefly; see also the Halcyon and Vera.