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The Panda was added in the final content update for Winds of Change. It can be unlocked for free by completing the Winds of Change quest line, upon which you are given an Imperial Panda License. Forgoing the quests, it is also possible to purchase the license from another player. The Panda can also be unlocked at the menagerie for a cost of Zaishen Coins or Balthazar Faction. There are no pandas in the wild that can be tamed.


Historical note.png Historical note: The Panda was a Collector creature that appeared in Shing Jea Monastery during the 2008 festival Farewell to Gaile. It traded a Sugary Blue Drink, Hard Apple Cider, Champagne Popper, Bottle Rocket, or Sparkler in return for 2 Silver Crimson Skull Coins.
Historical note.png Historical note: Charmable Pandas were previously removed from the game, presumably due to international relations (for example, in China, it is forbidden to have Pandas get into danger in video games).