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Party Animal title track[]

This title is granted to a character by using various festive items.

Rank Title Points
1 Party Animal 1,000
2 Life of the Party 10,000

Items that give you points on your title[]

Item Points Effect
Bottle Rocket Bottle Rocket 1 Shoot a rocket into the air.
Champagne Popper Champagne Popper 1 Pop a champagne popper.
Sparkler Sparkler 1 Make a sparking halo above your head.
Ghost-in-the-Box Ghost-in-the-Box 1 Summon a ghost that says "boo".
Squash Serum Squash Serum 1 Causes a translucent Jack-o'-lantern to appear around your character's head.
Snowman Summoner Snowman Summoner 1 Summon a snowman at your character's present location.
Transmogrifier Tonic.png Non-Everlasting Tonics
(except Mysterious and Zaishen)
2 Transform you into various creatures.
Crate of Fireworks Crate of Fireworks 3 Start a 10 minute fireworks display in guild halls.
Zaishen Tonic Zaishen Tonic 3 Transform you into a random form.
Mysterious Tonic Mysterious Tonic 5 Transform you into a random creature.
Disco Ball Disco Ball 7 Starts a 3 minute fireworks display in towns, outposts, or guild halls.
Party Beacon Party Beacon 50 Shows a Ray of Judgment-like effect


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