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Pet attack is a skill type. All Pet attacks are Ranger Skills linked to Beast Mastery.

Pet attacks require a pet, and affect the next normal attack by that pet.

Pet attacks will trigger effects dependent upon activating attack skills, such as Anthem of Fury or Zealous Anthem, but will not trigger effects dependent upon hitting with attack skills, such as Anthem of Flame, Shield Bash or Wary Stance.

Pet attacks, much like shouts, have no casting time and can be used even while you are in the middle of using another skill. Much like stances, Pet attacks do not stack, and any new pet attacks will cancel any pending pet attacks. Pet attacks have a 10 second duration.


  • Anthem of Fury and Zealous Anthem are the only Anthems which are triggered by pet attacks.
  • Pet attacks are now limited to within earshot range since the April 4th, 2007 update.
  • Pet attacks that have not been executed by your pet and all effects on the pet will show underneath the animal companion control window.
  • Ten seconds after the activation of a Pet Attack, if the pet has not actually attacked an enemy, Pet Attack will not occur.


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