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General[edit | edit source]

All piercing damage is physical damage. Most piercing-type damage is caused by daggers, spears, and arrows fired from bows. The ranger skills Barbed Trap and Spike Trap and the pets Black Widows, Dune Lizards, Phoenixes and Crocodiles cause piercing damage as well.

The damage from daggers, spears, and bows can be altered to elemental damage using various weapon upgrades.

Necromancers Bonelace Armor has +15 Armor against Piercing Damage.

Although the term "piercing" suggests that the damage *pierces* enemy armor, this should not be confused with armor penetration, which actually ignores a portion of the target's armor when calculating damage.

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Effect of piercing damage on creatures[edit | edit source]

The following creatures are known to have a natural resistance to piercing damage:

Protection against piercing damage[edit | edit source]



  • "Through Thick and Thin" - Armor +10 (vs piercing damage)
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