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1) Vael 2) Wait for distraction 3) Battle Plans


  1. Meet Vael at the rendezvous point in Grothmar Wardowns.
  2. Get into position and wait for Vael to create a diversion. Do not alert the Charr in the camp to your presence.
  3. Run in and steal the plans while Vael keeps the Charr busy.
  4. Take the plans back to Captain Langmar.

Obtained from

Captain Langmar in Grothmar Wardowns


Be Very, Very Quiet...


Common to all professions Sneak Attack


"Why didn't you tell me Vael was Nathanael? He showed up here a few months back with supplies from Ascalon; said he was stationed here indefinitely as our agent in the field. Anyway, it's no matter. Nathanael... or, if he prefers, Vael... spoke to me about a reconnaissance mission, and he would like your assistance. I would appreciate it if you were to help him. He's waiting for you near the Charr camp in Grothmar Wardowns."
Accept: "Reconnaissance? That sounds easy. Sure."
Reject: "I'm sorry. I have no idea who you're talking about."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Vael)

"Yes, Captain Langmar knows me as Nathanael. The name is not important, nor is it my own. Deeds are the only measure of a man. The Charr in this camp have a set of battle plans that we need to get our hands on. Here's what we do. You get into position somewhere out of sight. I'll create a diversion and then you run in and steal the plans."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Vael: "The Charr are maggots swarming upon the ripe apple of the world. I have come to rid Tyria of this foul pocket of beasts."
Charr Axemaster: "Slaughter this meat!"

Reward Dialogue

"I'll need some time to go over these plans and figure out how to proceed from here. I may have need of your... special... abilities again in the near future. Don't go too far."


Forbidden Fruit


Another simple and straightforward quest. Follow the quest marker until you reach Vael; wait at the indicated spot near the Charr camp until Vael lures the entire band of Charr away. Run in and grab the Battle Plans and return it to Captain Langmar. Note that you will need one team member to physically carry the plans back to Langmar and cannot map travel.


  • After claiming the reward for the Be Very, Very Quiet... quest, you may need to rezone before this quest is available.
  • Ensure all party members are nearby before handing Langmar the Battle Plans, or those players will likely miss out on the reward.
  • It is advisable to take along some running skills as the entire quest can be completed without engaging any enemies.