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Region Sub-Species Type Trophy
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Ascalon Sprout Monk0 Aloe Husk
Monk0 Aloe Seed
Monk0, 3 Large Aloe Seed
Unnatural Seed
Tree Ranger5 Oakheart
Monk5 Oakheart
Ascalon Sprout Monk5 Crown of Thorns Scorched Seed
Tree Ranger10 Singed Oak
Northern Shiverpeaks Sprout Monk7 Juniper Bark Alpine Seed
Kryta Sprout Monk11 Spined Aloe
Monk14 Large Spined Aloe
Abnormal Seed
Stalker Mesmer17 Reed Stalker
Tree Ranger13 Oakheart
Ranger18 Entangling Root
Monk17 Ancient Oakheart
Maguuma Jungle Sprout Monk15 Life Pod Tangled Seed
Stalker Elementalist13 Thorn Stalker Sprout
Elementalist17 Thorn Stalker
Tree Ranger17 Entangling Roots
Ranger19 Jungle Guardian
Ranger19 Redwood Shepherd
Crystal Desert Sprout Monk20 Salving Cactus Spiny Seed
Southern Shiverpeaks Sprout Monk7 Juniper Bark Alpine Seed
Tree Ranger24 Pinesoul
Factions Campaign
Shing Jea Island Dragon Plant Mesmer16 Dragon Lilly Enchanted Vine
Sprout Ranger12 Grasping Root
Pongmei Valley Dragon Plant Warrior23 Undergrowth Dragon Root
Guardian Monk28 Island Guardian Guardian Moss
Echovald Forest Dragon Plant Warrior23 Undergrowth
Elementalist24 Dragon Moss
Dragon Root
Jade Sea Guardian Monk28 Island Guardian Guardian Moss
Urgoz's Warren Dragon Plant Ranger28 Brooding Thorns
Elementalist24 Burning Brush
Assassin28 Thorn Wolf
Sprout NA-icon-small.png10 Explosive Growth
Guardian Monk28 Uprooted Malice
Monk30 Twisted Bark
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Sentient Plants Mesmer6 Beautiful Iboga
Mesmer1, 6, 10 Fanged Iboga
Iboga Petal, Sentient Root, Sentient Seed
Elementalist1, 6, 10 Stormseed Jacaranda Sentient Seed
Kourna Sentient Plants Mesmer20 Mirage Iboga
Elementalist23 (26) Stormforce Jacaranda
Sentient Spore
Stalkers Paragon20 (26) Murmuring Thornbrush
Vabbi Sentient Plants Mesmer22 (26) Mirage Iboga
Elementalist22 (26) Storm Jacaranda
Dervish22 (26) Enchanted Brambles
Sentient Spore
Stalkers Paragon22 (26) Whistling Thornbrush
Eye of the North Expansion
Depths of Tyria Sprout Monk20 Blooming Nettle
Necromancer20 Nettle Seedling
Sentient Vine
Ritualist20 Cave Aloe
Ritualist20 Corrupted Aloe
Paragon20 Fungal Bloom
Elementalist15 Parasitic Growth
Fungal Root
NA-icon-small.png10 Fungal Spore
NA-icon-small.png15 Nettle Spore
Sentient Plants Mesmer20 Fanged Ayahuasca
Necromancer20 Cave Ayahuasca
Sentient Vine
Tree Paragon28 Savage Oakheart Sentient Vine
Realms of the Gods (core)
Fissure of Woe Sprout Necromancer28 Seed of Corruption Gloom Seed
Stalker Warrior24 Snarling Driftwood
Elementalist24 Spirit Shepherd
Tree Ranger24 Spirit Wood

Hard mode levels are in brackets.