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  1. Defeat Blarp in a game of Polymock at Gadd's Encampment.
  2. See Hoff [Polymock Master] for your reward.

Obtained from

Hoff in Rata Sum


Polymock: Defeat Plurgg



"[Solo Quest] You've learned the basics of Polymock, but you still need to practice the fine art of Polymock piece selection before you can challenge a true master. The intricacies of each choice are more challenging than that game you humans play. What do you call it? Ah, yes. Igneous, Papyrus, Shears. To test your selection prowess, I've lined up a match against Blarp. He has mastered the use of the elemental Polymock pieces. You'll need to overcome all three elements he employs to prove victorious."
Accept: "Igneous is strong. I will crush him."
Reject: "When can I choose you to play against?"
When asked about quest: "Defeat Blarp at Gadd's Encampment in a game of Polymock!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Blarp)

"Are you ready to face me? The others here are but pawns compared to my kingly knowledge of Polymock and the elemental pieces. Prepare to be awed by a true master."
Player response: "I wish to play you in a game of Polymock."
"You will be removed from your party and taken to a Polymock arena to battle Blarp. Do you wish to proceed?"
Accept: "Yes."
Reject: "No."

Reward Dialogue

"Even Blarp proved no match for you? I wish I could have seen the game. Move, counter-move. A game of Polymock is the epitome of cerebral excitement. Ah, well. Perhaps next time. I believe you are now ready for some harder opponents. If you'd like to take on some Polymock professionals, let me know. I can line up a number of games for you with major players, Asura and otherwise."


Polymock: Defeat Fonk


Talk to Denn if you want to register any further Polymock pieces, then challenge Blarp to a match. This match occurs in the Polymock Coliseum arena. If you are defeated, simply speak to Blarp to try again. Once you've defeated him, return to Hoff to claim your reward.

Pieces used by Blarp are:

Combinations most likely to succeed in beating him:

  • Skale → Kappa → Fire Imp
  • Gargoyle → Kappa → Fire Imp


  • Third in a chain of eight quests:
  1. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Yulma
  2. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Plurgg
  3. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Blarp
  4. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Fonk (the next three quests all become available after this quest, but it is suggested completing them in the order shown)
  5. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Grulhammer Silverfist
  6. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus
  7. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker
  8. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff