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  1. Defeat Hoff in a game of Polymock at Rata Sum.
  2. See Hoff [Polymock Master] for your reward.

Obtained from

Hoff in Rata Sum


Polymock: Defeat Grulhammer Silverfist
Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus
Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker


Common to all professions Summon Mursaat


"[Difficulty: Master] [Solo Quest] You have defeated all the opponents I could find for you. It is now time you and I go head to head. You have come far quite quickly. Far faster than I would have expected considering your mental limitations. But now you face certain defeat. My tactics are flawless, my ability legendary. All those you have played before are but children compared to my infinite skill and lifetimes of training. Are you certain you are prepared for what lies ahead, human?"
Accept: "Prepare yourself for an old-fashioned butt kicking, infinity boy."
Reject: "Infinite? Lifetimes? Who... or what... are you?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Hoff)

"Polymock is the ultimate test of intellect and magical prowess among my people. Naturally, you humans have difficulty grasping the basics of the game. Poor creatures. Should you prove yourself worthy by defeating skilled opponents, perhaps I will allow you to play me in a game."
Player response: "Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff"
"You will be removed from your party and taken to a Polymock arena to battle Hoff. Do you wish to proceed?"
Accept: "Yes."
Reject: "No."

Reward Dialogue

"Incredible! I am quite astounded that your puny brain could contain all of my teachings, and yet here is the proof. I must congratulate... myself. I am, without a doubt, the greatest Polymock teacher in the world."


Talk to Denn if you want to register any further Polymock pieces, then challenge Hoff to a match. This match occurs in any of the the Polymock arenas. If you are defeated, simply speak to Hoff to try again. Once you've defeated him and been returned to Rata Sum, speak to him to claim your reward.

Hoff will randomly pick different Polymock pieces each time, but always use them in order from right to left.

Combinations known to succeed in beating him:

  • Aloe Seed → Kappa → Earth Elemental
  • Ice Elemental → Earth Elemental → Fire Elemental
  • Earth Elemental → Fire Elemental → Ice Elemental
  • Earth Elemental → Kappa → Fire Elemental


  • Last in a chain of eight quests:
  1. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Yulma
  2. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Plurgg
  3. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Blarp
  4. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Fonk (the next three quests all become available after this quest, but it is suggested completing them in the order shown)
  5. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Grulhammer Silverfist
  6. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus
  7. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker
  8. Hoff: Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff