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Polymock arenas[]

The Polymock arenas are instanced areas where Polymock Tournaments take place. These arenas essentially consist of two platforms that are close enough to each other that the combatants cannot move out of their opponent's range.

At the front of your platform will be the Polymock judge, Wokk, who will start the matches and with whom you choose what pieces you wish to use in the Tournament.

There are three different Polymock Arenas:

Arena layout[]

Each arena features the same basic layout:

  1. Your starting platform.
  2. Your opponent's platform
  3. The Polymock judge.
Polymock Coliseum Polymock Crossing Polymock Glacier
Polymock Arena.jpg Polymock Crossing.jpg Polymock Glacier.jpg


  • These arenas will not appear as outposts on your map, nor can you directly map travel to them. They are only accessed by initiating a Polymock battle with one of the Polymock opponents.