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Three Polymock pieces are required to play the Polymock mini-game, which is popular with the Asura.


Each Polymock piece represents a different build. A Polymock build consists of 8 special Polymock skills, 5 of which are the same for all builds. The remaining three skills vary across the pieces, but usually consist of a basic, low-damage attack, a slower, higher-damage attack, and a special ability, either offensive or defensive.

Common build[]

Health: x Energy: y






Polymock Power Drain.jpg

Polymock Power Drain

Polymock Block.jpg

Polymock Block

Polymock Glyph of Concentration.jpg

Polymock Glyph of Concentration

Polymock Ether Signet.jpg

Polymock Ether Signet

Polymock Glyph of Power.jpg

Polymock Glyph of Power

For the remaining 3 skills, see the respective Polymock Piece articles.

List of Polymock Pieces[]

See also: Polymock Piece quick reference

Polymock Pieces Acquisition Class
Gaki Dungeon chests Smiter Monk
Mantis Dreamweaver Dungeon chests Mesmer
Mursaat Elementalist Dungeon chests Air Elementalist
Naga Shaman Dungeon chests Channeling Ritualist
Ruby Djinn Dungeon chests Fire Elementalist
Stone Rain Dungeon chests Earth Elementalist
Wind Rider Dungeon chests Mesmer
Mirage Iboga Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff Mesmer
Aloe Seed Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker Smiter Monk
Fire Elemental Polymock: Defeat Grulhammer Silverfist Fire Elementalist
Ice Elemental Polymock: Defeat Necromancer Volumandus Water Elementalist
Earth Elemental Polymock: Defeat Fonk Earth Elementalist
Kappa Polymock: Defeat Plurgg Water Elementalist
Ice Imp Polymock: Defeat Blarp Water Elementalist
Fire Imp Polymock: Defeat Yulma Fire Elementalist
Gargoyle Starter piece Air Elementalist
Mergoyle Starter piece Mesmer
Skale Starter piece Necromancer