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  1. Follow the road southwest from town to Ashford. Find Miller Upton and ask him to help Namar.
  2. Use the honeycomb to lure the three bee swarms across the bridge.
  3. Return to Miller Upton for your reward.

Obtained from

Namar in Ascalon City


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character


Energy +3
Health -20
Energy +12 (while Health is below 33%)
Armor +10 (while Health is below 33%)


"Alas, I am behind on my rent, and my landlord, Gelsan, has run out of patience with me. I fear I will be put out of my home. I'll understand if you'd rather not help a Krytan; our nations were at war a long time. But I'm not your enemy, and I could really use some assistance.
My friend, Miller Upton, lives to the southwest. I know he'll help me if I can get a message to him. If you're going that way, could you tell him of my plight?"
Accept: "Certainly. How could I refuse?"
Reject: "This isn't my problem."

Intermediate Dialogue (Miller Upton)

"I'm sorry, I really can't worry about helping Namar until I get rid of these damnable bees. Thank you can give me a hand? Take one of the honeycombs lying on the ground and use it to lure the bees across the bridge. If you lure those three swarms of bees away, I'll be able to think straight again."

Reward Dialogue

"Sorry about that. I was trying to make dough infused with honey, but all it did was attract bees. Not to worry about Namar, though. I'll see to it that Gelsan gets off his back. No doubt Gelsan's trying to take advantage of Namar because he's not from Ascalon. Once he knows there's a citizen willing to stand up for Namar, he'll back off."


Head to Ashford Village and talk to Miller Upton who is standing by the mill. He will ask you to lure some bees over a bridge. The Bee Swarms fly around between the water and the road. Pick up the Massive Honeycomb near him and walk near the Bee Swarms and they will follow you. When you have all of the three Bee Swarms following you, head over the bridge and drop the honeycomb when your Quest Log is updated. Return to Miller Upton for your reward.