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  1. Glean information about the harpies from Captain Jafahni.
  2. Scavenge the wilderness for Screecher and Scratcher. Kill them to reduce harpy morale.
  3. See Prince Ahmtur the Mighty for your reward.

Obtained from

Prince Ahmtur the Mighty in Wilderness of Bahdza





"You arrive like a shining beacon of strength, <name>. The skree harpies have become more aggressive since the last moon. After studying their maneuvers from afar, I have surmised that they rely upon commanders for combat direction. Without those leaders in place, their forces will scatter like ants.
There are two leaders, Screecher and Scratcher. With those two eliminated, our forces will have little trouble mopping up the stragglers. Will you help us?"
Accept: "You have my word."
Reject: "I'm not in a killing mood."

Intermediate Dialogue (Captain Jafahni)

"The prince shared his plan of attack with you, did he? There's only one way to find out if his theory holds water; I hope for your sake that it does. May Dwayna watch over you and your friends, <name>."

Reward Dialogue

"Was I correct? I knew it! Oh, how I wish I could have seen those beaked wretches panic in fear! Thank you so much for your help, <name>. Vabbi is indebted to you."


Guard Rescue


The quest marker will indicate the location of each boss in turn. After you kill a boss, a group of harpies appear and start running towards the Resplendent Makuun portal. They won't bother you if you don't bother them. Return to the prince for your reward once both bosses are dead.


  • Fourth in a chain of six quests:
  1. Sergeant Bolrob: Old Friends
  2. Commander Tanmod: For Your Ears Only
  3. Commander Tanmod: Interception
  4. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: Population Control
  5. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty: Guard Rescue
  6. Lieutenant Murunda: Extinction
  • The mobs that appear after killing each boss do not count towards vanquishing the area.

Quest Series
Old Friends · For Your Ears Only · Interception · Population Control · Guard Rescue · Extinction