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Ports are towns from which characters can travel to other continents.

Each continent has one port, with the Battle Isles having two:

Campaign Continent Port
Core Battle Isles Great Temple of Balthazar
Embark Beach
Prophecies Tyria Lion's Arch
Factions Cantha Kaineng Center
Nightfall Elona Kamadan, Jewel of Istan

Unlocking ports[edit | edit source]

In order to travel between ports, the player has to unlock the destination first. This is done by completing a designated quest, as shown in the table below:

To ⇒
from ⇓
Prophecies logo sml.png Factions logo sml.png Nightfall logo sml.png
Prophecies - Mhenlo's Request Sunspears in Kryta
Factions Chaos in Kryta - Sunspears in Cantha
Nightfall Terror in Tyria Plague in Cantha -

The campaign a character was created in does not limit that character's choice of travel quests, only what continents they have already unlocked. For example, a Tyrian character could travel to Cantha through the Prophecies quest "Mhenlo's Request," then travel to Elona through the Factions quest "Sunspears in Cantha."

Eye of the North[edit | edit source]

The Guild Wars Eye of the North expansion takes place on the continent of Tyria, thus it does not have a true "port" location of its own (the port for Tyria being Lion's Arch, a Prophecies campaign location). Boreal Station is similar, though, because it is the only location that can be accessed directly from other campaigns, and characters must complete a quest in order to access it.

Tyria What Lies Beneath
Cantha I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet
Elona Hole of Istan

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Generally, quests unlocking a continent are mutually exclusive. That is, if you have obtained or completed Sunspears in Kryta you will not be offered Sunspears in Cantha and vice versa.
  • Unlocking travel between continents needs to be done for each character.