Powder Keg

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A ranger holding a Powder Keg

Powder Kegs are gun powder containers. These explosives are used for mining purposes but they can also be used to blow up gates and barriers. The Dwarves commonly use this object in their work.

In Prophecies, they are found in missions such as Borlis Pass or Ice Caves of Sorrow, and are necessary for completing certain mission or bonus objectives.

They can be obtained from Dwarven Powder Keg Stations, which hold an unlimited supply of them, and also from Budger Blackpowder during The Forge Heart quest and in Drakkar Lake after paying him. They are also found in Ancestral Lands and Kaanai Canyon at Alliance Battle shrines; these kegs are used to destroy the gates into the fort.

Powder Kegs are "bundles": this means they have to be carried by hand. When dropped, they will explode after a short fuse time of about 3 seconds. Any enemies caught in the blast radius will be knocked down and set on fire for 3 seconds.

In Eye of the North, Powder Kegs gain the additional ability of dealing 50 untyped AoE damage to any foes caught in the explosion.