Practice target

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Practice target
Practice target.jpg
Species: Barrel
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 5, 20

A practice target is a stationary dummy target to be used for sparring and training purpose. There are both foe and ally practice targets. Various practice targets can be found on the Isle of the Nameless and Churrhir Fields.

Foe practice targets will not fight back if attacked. If destroyed, they will respawn in their original position after 30 seconds. All practice targets provide expoitable corpses when killed, useful for Necromancers to test on. Targets are also fleshy. Practice targets on the Isle of the Nameless have 480 health and 60 armor except for the targets with 80 and 100 armor, which are marked as such. They also appear to have 4 pips of energy regeneration and have 41 energy total.

Though of little significance, the "weapons" equipped by the practice targets are considered to be Sword-class weapons. This is made apparent when a practice target comes under the effects of a Weapon Spell.

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