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These are all Pre-Searing quests listed with the amounts of XP awarded for each (quests that award no XP are not listed).

This list is geared towards players attempting the LDoA title who wish to save as much quest XP as possible until they are level 16 or higher. If you have completed some quests early, you can calculate how much XP "savings" you have remaining.

Available to ALL professions - Max Possible XP: 9,400[]

  • This list does not include the quests that require a specific primary/secondary profession: those are listed in the following sections.
  • For quests that are marked as can be lost, see each quest's article on how to prevent this.
  • Gwen's Flute is the only quest where it is possible to recover the XP reward if you initially lost the ability to take it.
XP Quest Given by Given in Can be Lost? Notes
100 The Path to Glory Armin Saberlin Ascalon City   Primary Quest
250 A Second Profession Armin Saberlin Ascalon City   Primary Quest
250 Bandit Raid Baron Egan Ascalon City  
250 The Poison Devourer Baron Egan Ascalon City  
500 Poor Tenant Namar Ascalon City  
200 Charr at the Gate Prince Rurik Ascalon City  
250 Charr in the Catacombs Prince Rurik Ascalon City  
250 The Wayward Wizard Sandre Elek Ascalon City  
250 War Preparations Sir Tydus Ascalon City Yes.png Primary Quest
100 Message from a Friend Town Crier Ascalon City Yes.png Primary Quest
500 Trouble in the Woods Town Crier Ascalon City  
250 Little Thom's Big Cloak Alison the Tanner Lakeside County  
250 A Gift for Althea Captain Osric Lakeside County  
500 The Hunter's Horn Chantalle the Troubadour Lakeside County  
500 Opposition to the King Devona Lakeside County  
250 Tithe for Ashford Abbey Devona Lakeside County   Signet of Capture.png Skill Point Quest
250 Unsettling Rumors Devona Lakeside County   Primary Quest
150 The Egg Hunter Duke Gaban Lakeside County  
250 Across the Wall Gate Guard Torin Lakeside County  
250 Gwen's Flute Gwen Lakeside County Yes.png Trick to recover XP, if initially lost.
250 Further Adventures Haversdan Lakeside County   Primary Quest
100 Adventure with an Ally Lina the Healer Lakeside County  
250 The Rogue's Replacement Old Mac Lakeside County  
250 The Prize Moa Bird Pitney Lakeside County  
250 The Worm Problem Pitney Lakeside County  
250 Rites of Remembrance Necromancer Munne The Catacombs  
750 The True King Duke Barradin The Barradin Estate  
250 The Orchard Mary Malone Regent Valley  

Second Profession Quests[]

  • These quests become available only after you have completed your "Primary Profession Test" from the next section.
  • You can take the quest that matches your primary profession at any time before you leave Pre-Searing.
  • In order to choose a secondary profession, you must complete the corresponding quest from this list.
  • The remaining four quests will become unavailable once you choose a secondary profession, so be sure to take them before you accept a secondary. You can save them in your Quest Log for as long as you like, until you are ready to take the XP reward.

Available to primary professions only - Max Possible XP: 750[]

  • You can only complete the two quests that match your primary profession.

Available to chosen professions - Max Possible XP: 500-1,250[]

  • You can only complete the quests that match your primary or secondary profession.
  • You can only complete your secondary profession quests after you have accepted a secondary profession.

Total Max quest XP available per profession combination: 10,650-11,400[]

Max XP
by Prof Combo
Necromancer Warrior Ranger Monk Mesmer Elementalist
Necromancer Necromancer ~ 11,400 11,400 11,400 11,150 11,150
Warrior Warrior 11,400 ~ 11,150 11,150 10,900 10,900
Ranger Ranger 11,400 11,150 ~ 11,150 10,900 10,900
Monk Monk 11,400 11,150 11,150 ~ 10,900 10,900
Mesmer Mesmer 11,150 10,900 10,900 10,900 ~ 10,650
Elementalist Elementalist 11,150 10,900 10,900 10,900 10,650 ~


  • To learn skills, you have to give up at least 750 XP from your potential XP savings above.
    • You cannot obtain any skills permanently until after you complete the "<Profession> Test", which uses 500 XP of your reserve.
    • You must take another 250 XP (or lose it): War Preparations will no longer be available after you complete the profession test, and you cannot take the profession test without accepting the reward if it's active in your quest log.
    • Message From a Friend must be taken before the profession test, or it will be lost forever. You can keep it in the quest log until you are ready for the XP reward.
  • To get the Resurrection Signet, you have to take the reward for Adventure with an Ally and give up another 100 XP from your savings.
  • If you decide to "test" a secondary profession, you can get 2 more skills without dipping into your XP savings by accepting any of the secondary profession quests, but be careful to not take the reward.
    • In particular, non-Rangers can get their own pet by accepting The Ranger's Companion.
  • If you do wish to take a second profession early, you must complete and take reward for that profession's quest, taking another 250 XP from your savings pool. Before you do so, make sure that you have taken all the other second profession quests, and save them in your quest log until you are ready to take the XP rewards from them.
  • Note: You need 12,800 XP to go from level 19 to 20, so even with maximum possible savings of 11,400 XP, you will need the Vanguard Quests for the extra XP boost.