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Preparation: "A skill that enhances your attacks for the next few seconds."

Preparations are skills unique to Rangers that generally enhance the ranger's attacks for a period of time, though there are some exceptions. Like stances, only one preparation can be active at a time (activating a new preparation will remove the old one), and only affect the ranger using the skills. Preparations don't target, but do have an activation time and can be interrupted. One of the advantages to using preparations is that they cannot be removed by an enemy. The only ways a preparation can be removed before its time limit are if the user is killed, uses another preparation, or uses Barrage or Volley.


  • The only preparations that are not specific to Bow Attacks are Apply Poison and Trapper's Focus.
    • Trapper's Focus is the only trap-related preparation so far.
    • Apply Poison is the only preparation that enhances physical attacks, making it possible to use with other physical weapons, such as a sword or a scythe.
  • All preparations have an activation time of 2 seconds.
  • When both a preparation and skill apply a condition, the skill's condition will be applied first. For example, Apply Poison and Pin Down will result in the foe being first crippled and then poisoned (making the poison a cover condition).

Other skills related to preparations[]

  • Practiced Stance Practiced Stance causes preparations to last longer and recharge faster.
  • Prepared Shot Prepared Shot grants energy when affected by a preparation.
  • Barrage Barrage removes all preparations when used.
  • Volley Volley removes all preparations when used.

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