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The Priest is a unique NPC during certain maps, especially maps based around PvP. The purpose of the priest is to tend to a Resurrection Shrine and resurrect allied party members every 2 minutes. Characters resurrected at these shrines will be given full health and energy.

PvP Priest[edit | edit source]

During PvP, some Annihilation matches, teams have a Resurrection Shrine tended to by a Priest. To win, the opposing team and their Priest must be killed. The Priest cannot be resurrected. He will only use Heal Area with 14 Healing Prayers to heal himself and adjacent wounded allies. He will not move away from his position even if hit by AoE damage.

See Priest annihilation for a list of arenas where this priest can be found.

Thirsty River Priest[edit | edit source]

Much like the the PvP priest, the Thirsty River priest will tend to a shrine and will not move from its position. Each priest is protected by one boss and several Forgotten and Enchanted characters.