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The Prima Guide refers to the official Guild Wars guide books published by Prima Games:

  • Guild Wars : Prima Official Game Guide (ISBN: 0761548904)
    Available in paperback as well as eBook edition.
  • Guild Wars Factions : Prima Official Game Guide (ISBN: 0761553835)
    Available as paperback edition only.
  • Guild Wars Nightfall : Prima Official Game Guide (ISBN: 0761554491)
    Note: Prima have withdrawn this (source), and any pre-orders by retailers are void. It's been stated by ArenaNet that no strategy guide for Nightfall has been announced at all. (source).


The following note pertains to "Guild Wars : Prima Official Game Guide":

  • Be warned that even though it is "official" and ArenaNet supposedly provided Prima with information for it, the guide is outdated and wrong in many respects. Even at the time the guide came out there were many discrepancies with the actual game content; some were differences between the game in its beta stage and its released state and some were blatant errors. There have been no updates to the eBook version of the guide to correct the mistakes, and further game updates make even more information in the guide obsolete. As such, information quoted from the guide should not be considered authoritative, though it still has reference value.

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