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A Primary attribute in an attribute of a character profession that can only be utilized if the profession is the primary profession of that character. Each primary attribute enhances the core abilities of its profession. A warrior with more Strength will deal more damage while a monk with more Divine Favor will heal better.

Each profession in the game has multiple attributes, but only one primary attribute. You can only use the primary attribute of your primary profession. The primary attribute of your secondary profession will not be accessible (except at rank 1 from the appropriate blessing). For this reason it is an important consideration when deciding what your primary profession will be. The primary attribute for each class is listed below.

Profession Primary Attribute Inherent Effect
WarriorWarrior Strength Attack skills gain 1% armor penetration per rank.
RangerRanger Expertise Reduces Energy cost of Attack skills, Rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills by 4% per rank.
MonkMonk Divine Favor Monk spells that target an ally heal the primary target for an additional 3.2 Health per rank, rounded down.
NecromancerNecromancer Soul Reaping Gain 1 Energy per rank when a non-spirit creature dies within range (About half Compass Range); this effect can happen a maximum of 3 times every 15 seconds. Energy gain when at full energy does not count toward the limit.
MesmerMesmer Fast Casting Divides casting time of spells by 2(attribute/15) (or multiplies casting time by roughly 0.955(attribute)). Each rank also decreases the activation time of your Signets by 3%.
ElementalistElementalist Energy Storage Increases maximum Energy by 3 per rank.
AssassinAssassin Critical Strikes Increases critical hit rate by 1% per rank. For each critical hit inflicted, 1 Energy is gained at ranks 3-7, 2 Energy is gained at ranks 8-12 and 3 Energy is gained at ranks 13 and above.
RitualistRitualist Spawning Power Increases the Health of summoned Spirits and animated Minions by 4% per rank. Also increases the duration of your Weapon Spells by 4% per rank.
ParagonParagon Leadership Gain 1 Energy for each ally affected by your Shouts and Chants, up to a maximum of 1 energy per 2 ranks.
DervishDervish Mysticism Dervish enchantments cost 4% less for each rank. While enchanted, gain +1 armor for each rank.