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Prince Bokka
Prince Bokka the Magnificent.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Mesmer Mesmer-icon.png
Level(s): 20


The prince of the Pleasure City of Makuun has priorities, and his success depends on keeping them straight. As a wealthy businessman with abundant resources, Prince Bokka wants to experience the finer things in life. He just happens to define “the finest” as “the most expensive.” Exotic cuisine has expanded his waistline, even though buying it never seems to fully deplete his treasury. He has spared no expense cultivating his tastes in art, particularly when he sponsors some of the finest, most expensive theatrical productions in Elona.

Some jealous rivals consider his tastes to be garish, describing his artistic sensibilities as pretentious and overblown, but he knows art almost as well as he knows money—and he knows a lot about money. He is pragmatic in acquiring wealth, doing whatever he must to accumulate more of it for great displays of culture and taste. Sometimes his pragmatism manifests in a need to take the path of least resistance—he hires other people to handle difficult tasks, dirty work, and heavy lifting—but that’s easy to justify. After all, true art does not exist without suffering and sacrifice.

Quests Given[]

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In Resplendent Makuun:

"Makuun is the highlight of Vabbi, is it not? Those wealthy enough to pay for the privilege may spend their lives here enjoying theatre, food, and all pleasures of life without a care in the world."

In Bokka Amphitheatre during All's Well That Ends Well

"There's nothing like a little theatre performance to whet the appetite."

During the Trial of Zinn:

"I am of two minds, I tell you. Shall I indulge my outrage, still smoldering from the unjust and unprovoked assault on my noble personage? Or shall I glory in the spectacle of this trial? I know. I shall do both!"