Princes of Vabbi

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The "Princes of Vabbi" is a nickname given to the three greatest clanmarshals (also called princes and princesses) that reign over the Elonian highland province of Vabbi.

After the Shattered Dynasties collapsed more than 400 years ago, in 840 DR, Vabbi was without royal leadership. In 1074 the powerful merchants and traders of the province took the political lead as elected clanmarshals. In 1100 DR, the successful merchant Amaki Voss established herself as the clanmarshal for life of the city of Resplendent Makuun, becoming the first "prince" of Vabbi.

There are three Princes of Vabbi: Prince Bokka the Magnificent, Prince Ahmtur the Mighty, and Prince Mehtu the Wise. However, there are other princes and princesses that currently rule in Vabbi, including Princess Leifah and Prince Mabai.