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  1. Speak to Officer Chitaro.
  2. Speak to Guardsman Pah.
  3. Talk to Budo.
  4. See Paomu for your reward.

Obtained from

Paomu in Wajjun Bazaar



"<name>! Please, you must help me! My son has fallen ill with a terrible malady, and the healers claim that the only cure is a rare medicine known as Thorn Devourer Salve. The Celestial Ministry has a huge supply of medicines from all over the world, but due to some silly regulations they won't allow me to purchase it. Will you help me get some?"
Accept: "I'll see what I can do."
Reject: "You want me to convince a hopelessly bureaucratic organization to change its rules for you? Take a number, lady."

Intermediate Dialog 1 (Officer Chitaro)

"Why do people continually bother me about medicines and cures? Speak to Guardsman Pah; he is responsible for our medicinal stores. If he has the medicine you seek, you may petition the case after all the appropriate scrollwork is filled out in triplicate."

Intermediate Dialog 2 (Guardsman Pah)

"Chitaro sent you, eh? For Thorn Devourer Salve? I would love to help, but I have none. The last remaining bottle was sold to a wealthy nobleman named Budo a few days ago, and the ministry has refused to order additional quantities. Something to do with a forced shortage intended to drive up the price. Perhaps Budo still has some left he would be willing to sell?"

Intermediate Dialog 3 (Budo)

"Thorn Devourer Salve? I had some, but it did not work the way I had hoped. You see, I... I mean, my wife and I, have been experiencing some... personal difficulties. A friend of a friend swore that Thorn Devourer Salve could help my... inability. Needless to say, it did not work. Otherwise, why would I be standing here talking to the likes of you? On the bright side, I have not felt this energized in years! I am afraid I do not have any left."

Reward Dialogue

"A shortage? I see. Thank you for your help, <name>. Perhaps I can find a ship to Kryta, so I can acquire the salve myself."


Walk north from Paomu to the center of Wajjun Bazaar (approximately where the two j's in Wajjun are on the world map) and talk to Officer Chitaro. Chitaro will then send you to Guardsman Pah who is back down near where you started, just a bit north of Paomu. Pah explains that he has no more of the salve and that Budo bought the last one. Head back to the north towards the docks where you will find Budo. Unfortunately, Budo has no salve left, so all that is left is to return to Paomu to complete the quest.


  • This quest involves a great deal of running around the Wajjun Bazaar talking to people. It's less of a hassle if you take other quests in the area at the same time.