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Profession Changers are NPCs who can change a character's secondary profession.

For role-playing characters, they will only offer to change your secondary profession once you have ascended and fulfill a one-time requirement for each secondary you want to be able to switch to. The character will be taught the "basic outfit" of skills for the new secondary. These skills will also be equipped to any empty slots on the skill bar, such as those vacated by the old secondary. Any skills you may have already acquired for your previous secondary profession will still be available to you should you choose to change back, including any Elite skills you have captured. Also, your Ranger pet will not be lost if you choose to not have Ranger as your secondary class. It will still be available if you choose to change back.

For PvP characters, the profession changer in the Great Temple of Balthazar can be used freely, but he will only change the secondary profession and will not teach or equip any skills. Note therefore that PvP characters need not to speak to the Profession Changer at all since every secondary profession is unlocked by default and can be changed in the UI.

Availability by Campaign[]

Profession Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist Paragon Dervish
Core Profession Changer (NPC) at the Great Temple of Balthazar
Cyclone Axe,
Mighty Blow,
Sever Artery,
Healing Signet
Power Shot,
Charm Animal,
Savage Shot,
Read the Wind,
Comfort Animal,
Troll Unguent
Healing Breeze,
Orison of Healing,
Bane Signet,
Remove Hex,
Reversal of Fortune,
Animate Bone Fiend,
Deathly Swarm,
Life Siphon,
Strip Enchantment,
Vampiric Gaze
Conjure Phantasm,
Ether Feast,
Drain Enchantment,
Energy Tap
Armor of Earth,
Ward Against Melee,
Fire Storm,
Ice Spikes,
Lightning Orb
Twisting Fangs,
Fox Fangs,
Unsuspecting Strike,
Shadow Refuge,
Death's Charge
Generous Was Tsungrai,
Channeled Strike,
Brutal Weapon,
Weapon of Warding
Leader's Comfort,
Spear of Lightning,
Anthem of Flame,
Mending Refrain,
Signet of Synergy,
Barbed Spear
Vital Boon,
Pious Assault,
Crippling Sweep,
Chilling Victory,
Grenth's Fingers,
Heart of Holy Flame
Prophecies Agastos the Brave Telius Nausuan Zratha Kor Eulenias Cembrien n/a n/a n/a n/a
Healing Signet,
Sever Artery,
Power Shot,
Troll Unguent,
Comfort Animal,
Charm Animal
Healing Breeze,
Bane Signet,
Orison of Healing
Vampiric Gaze,
Deathly Swarm,
Life Siphon,
Animate Bone Horror
Ether Feast,
Conjure Phantasm,
Imagined Burden
Aura of Restoration,
Fire Storm,
Glyph of Lesser Energy
n/a n/a n/a n/a
Factions Senji
Same skills as the core Profession Changer.
Nightfall Zuwarah
Same skills as the core Profession Changer.


Any PvP characters and roleplaying characters can change their secondary profession at the Profession Changer NPC in the Great Temple of Balthazar on the Battle Isles. The profession changer charges a one-time 500Gold for each secondary profession you want to be able to switch to. He does not charge for those professions which your character has already changed to before, and does not charge to change the secondary professions of PvP characters. PvE characters must be ascended or Weh no Su, or must have completed the quest Building the Base: Prisoners of War. Campaign-specific professions require their respective campaigns.


In the Prophecies Campaign, there are six profession changers (for the six core professions). Each of them (except the ones corresponding to your current professions) will offer you a "<profession>'s Path" quest. By completing the quest you will be able to change your secondary profession to the associated profession. After that, the drop down menu found under the Skills and Attributes panel can then be used to be switch your secondary profession any time your character is in a persistent location. After completing any of the "<profession>'s Path" quests, you should visit the Profession changer in the Great Temple of Balthazar to unlock further skills for each of the secondary professions you just unlocked via the quests. This will allow you to save some amount of money, as the Core skills don't completely match with the skills you just unlocked via the quest.


In the Factions Campaign, there is only one profession changer, Senji, who charges a one-time 500Gold for each secondary you want to be able to switch to. He does not charge for those that you have already unlocked with him or other profession changers. Senji is like the core Profession Changer NPC except that characters must be Weh no Su to reach him, he cannot be accessed by PvP characters. Any secondary profession you have already unlocked for that character can be changed here, even those from Nightfall.


In the Nightfall Campaign, the secondary profession changer is Zuwarah for the price of 500Gold. She is located in the Command Post outside of Sunspear Sanctuary. She only appears after you complete the quest Building the Base: Prisoners of War. Prophecies and Factions characters must still be either Ascended or Weh no Su before being allowed to change their secondary profession here, either of the two will work regardless of a character's native campaign. Example: A Prophecies character can become only Weh no Su and still change their profession in the Command Post without Ascending in the Crystal Desert, the reverse is also true for Factions characters.


  • Once a profession has been unlocked, you can switch amongst your unlocked secondary professions easily via the attributes panel (default shortcut "K").

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