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  1. Contact Rion.
  2. Protect the Halcyon from Outcast raiders. You have 7...0 groups remaining.
  3. See Captain Lexis for your reward.

Obtained from

Captain Lexis in Cavalon


The Halcyon Job



"The Leviathan, Halcyon, moves slowly and only through vast amounts of manpower and magic. It is a sitting target for any aggressor to prey upon. We have word from a scout that trouble is coming. Rion, like all Luxons, is not one to back down from a fight. Halcyon must not fall; she has taken years to build and is one of our primary defenses against the Kurzicks. Find Rion and inform him that you are here to assist."
Accept: "I would be honored to help."
Reject: "You're on your own."

Intermediate Dialogue (Rion)

"Help? Lexis is a fool! I can handle these whelps with one arm tied behind my back!"

Reward Dialogue

"With one arm? He said that? Well, thank you for saving the Halcyon. She is a great asset to us."


Leaving from Zos Shivros Channel into Boreas Seabed (explorable), you will find Rion standing on the first level of the Halcyon. He will tell you to hold back the waves of Outcast raiders. Simply block the entry ramp with your party and take the waves as they come. Rion's crewmates will help you with the killing. This is one of the rare moments in the game where the combined numbers of your allies vastly outstrips that of your foes.

This quest has large number of possible corpses to fuel Minion Masters and other corpse-oriented builds.

Rangers may make use of a height advantage by standing near the top of the Halcyon with most of the crew. The floor can be shot through with weapons, and the height will give extra range and damage to attacks.


  • This quest is one of the few opportunities to interact with the crew of the Halcyon, who appear to be a homage to the ship's crew in the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity.