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Path to Paulus from Fort Ranik


  1. Find Paulus the Monk in Regent Valley.
  2. Search Paulus's body for any personal effects.
  3. Return the holy symbol to Grazden the Protector.

Obtained from

Grazden the Protector in Old Ascalon


Profession: Monk
Prophecies Character


  • 300 XP
  • Skills
Monk Heal Area
Monk Vital Blessing


"We must all do our part to preserve what remains of fair Ascalon. If you wish to help, I have a task for you. One of our order, named Paulus, was sent to Regent Valley to investigate a strange poisonous area. He is overdue to return, and I grow worried about him, as he is somewhat prone to rash action.
Will you go to Regent Valley and find Paulus?"
Accept: "I will find him."
Reject: "He'll probably be fine."

Reward Dialogue

"Paulus is dead? This is grim news indeed. I fear that we may be fighting a losing battle here. Our numbers dwindle while the enemy's keep on increasing... I keep telling myself not to give in to despair, but it is getting more difficult with each death that I couldn't prevent."


In Memory of Paulus


Grazden is located in the ruins of what was Ashford, and so leaving from Sardelac Sanitarium and heading east is the quickest way to get to him. To find Paulus, starting from Fort Ranik will be the quickest way. Simply exit the fort and head south for a short distance and then head west. Search Paulus's body for his holy symbol (click on the body like when picking something up) and return to Grazden (by map traveling back to the sanitarium to save time).


  • When approaching Grazden, watch that none of the nearby Grawl don't start attacking him, as he is only level 2 and can die quickly.
  • About two yards west of Paulus, where a small bush is, is the poisonous spot referred to in the Dialogue. If you step on it, you may become poisoned.