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PvP characters are used for PvP only as opposed to roleplaying characters which can be used for both PvE and PvP. PvP characters can be considered "almost ready to play" blank slates for PvP play. PvP characters can be quickly created to fit a desired role and later deleted. They have access to all skills, equipment upgrades, and heroes that have been unlocked on their account.

When creating a character, the player can choose whether to create a roleplaying character or to create a PvP character. PvP characters are limited to PvP areas (the Battle Isles, Alliance Battles, Competitive Missions) and Guild Halls.

Statistics, skills, and equipment[]

PvP characters are created at level 20 with 200 attribute points and have the primary profession that was chosen during PvP character creation. Like roleplaying characters, PvP characters can freely switch secondary professions while in staging areas. PvP characters can pick any secondary profession without needing to visit a profession changer first as long as their account has the appropriate campaign for the profession. PvP characters can gain experience, and therefore skill points, however there is no benefit and the skill points cannot be spent.

PvP characters have access to every skill that is unlocked on the account. When Charm Animal is equipped, a PvP character will be given a level 20 elder wolf and can charm a different pet in the Zaishen Menagerie if they have pets stored on their account there.

PvP characters can freely create equipment while in staging areas using the PvP Equipment window. All types of equipment, including unlocked upgrades, can be created. However, there is only a limited selection of armor skins and no choice for item skins. PvP characters can use any non-customized equipment, so different skins can be acquired in PvE and used. These items can even be customized using a guild hall's weaponsmith.