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PvP characters can craft headgear via the PvP Equipment dialogue. As most other headgear, it provides an Attribute +1 bonus, which is tied to the name of the headgear. This bonus cannot salvaged or replaced.

Warrior Warrior Helms[]

name bonus
Brute's Strength +1
Executioner's Axe Mastery +1
Dwarven Hammer Mastery +1
Duelist's Swordsmanship +1
Gladiator's Tactics +1

Ranger Ranger Masks[]

Expertise +1 Marksmanship +1 Wilderness Survival +1 Beast Mastery +1
Hunter's Archer's Traveler's Tamer's

Monk Monk Scalp Designs[]

Divine Favor +1 Healing Prayers +1 Protection Prayers +1 Smiting Prayers +1
Divine Healer Protector Smiting

Necromancer Necromancer Scar Patterns[]

Soul Reaping +1 Blood Magic +1 Curses +1 Death Magic +1
Devilish Ragged Wicked Vile

Mesmer Mesmer Masks[]

Fast Casting +1 Inspiration Magic +1 Domination Magic +1 Illusion Magic +1
Sleek Animal Imposing Costume

Elementalist Elementalist Eyes and Auras[]

Energy Storage +1 Fire Magic +1 Water Magic +1 Air Magic +1 Earth Magic +1
All-Seeing Eye Flame's Eye Glacier's Eye Storm's Eye Stone's Eye

Assassin Assassin Masks[]

Critical Strikes +1 Dagger +1 Deadly Arts +1 Shadow Arts +1
Keen Bladed Deadly Shadowy

Ritualist Ritualist Headwraps[]

Spawning Power +1 Channeling Magic +1 Communing +1 Restoration Magic +1
Summoner's Channeler's Communer's Restorer's

Paragon Paragon Crests[]

Leadership +1 Spear +1 Command +1 Motivation +1
Chieftain's Spearman's Commander's Captain's

Dervish Dervish Hoods[]

Mysticism +1 Scythe +1 Wind Prayers +1 Earth Prayers +1
Mystic's Reaper's Windwalker's Dunewalker's

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