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  1. Speak to the first Sunspear Recruit.
  2. Speak to the second Sunspear Recruit.
  3. Speak to the third Sunspear Recruit.
  4. See First Spear Jahdugar for your reward.

Obtained from

First Spear Jahdugar in Chahbek Village


Nightfall Character
Into Chahbek Village -OR- Take the Shortcut (Skip Tutorial)



"Ahai, <name>. The corsairs are swiftly overtaking the village. Before we head off to get our blades bloodied I need to make certain that these recruits know how to function as a team. Go speak to them. Rile them up and make sure they are going to inflict unspeakable pain upon the enemy. Make sure they know their stuff!"
Accept: "You can count on me."
Reject: "What do I look like, a school teacher?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Sunspear Recruit)

"As a Sunspear, you never fight alone. Forming your party is an important element of being an effective soldier, especially since you can have only three Heroes with you at any given time. It's important to coordinate your efforts so your unit acts as a well-oiled machine. You may add Heroes to your group by selecting them from the dropdown menu in the Party window."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Sunspear Recruit)

"You must assume care over the men and women under your command. You can equip any of the Heroes in your party by bringing up the Inventory panel and clicking on their portrait. From there you can outfit them with any type of weapon... even upgrade their armor with runes. You'll also want to bring your Heroes out on a few adventures to get them some valuable experience in the field. As they gain experience their levels will rise and they will gain Health, attribute points, and improved armor."

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (Sunspear Recruit)

"Bringing proper skills into combat is extremely important. You may only alter your skills, and the skills of those under your command, while you are in a town or outpost. To do this, simply open up the Skills and Attributes panel and drag and drop the skills you need onto your Skill Bar. Once you've set your skills, be sure to adjust the attributes of your character and your Heroes. You can switch between yourself and your heroes by clicking on the character icons at the top of the Skills and Attributes panel."

Reward Dialogue

"So they are ready to face the enemy head on? Good news, indeed. Let's show those unwashed corsair heathens what it means to challenge the Sunspears!"


Never Fight Alone
Chahbek Village (mission)


Talk to the three nearby Sunspear Recruits, then talk to Jahdugar for your reward.