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Rabid Bear
Rabid Bear.jpg
Species: Animal
Profession: Warrior/Ranger Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 24


A bear that you must fight solo in the Norn quest Bear Club for Men or Bear Club for Women.


Skills used[]


  • The bear uses the Troll Unguent skill in half cast time (1.5 seconds) and has a natural regeneration. With Unguent, the bear heals at 8 pips (16 health/second)
  • The club effectively does about 2-4 points of damage a swing so don't rely on it.
  • It is possible to take the bear down to low health and then equip the club before dealing the final blow with a high damage spell or shout such as "Finish Him" or "You Move Like A Dwarf."


  • Blind is an effective way to do adrenaline denial (used for Defy Pain) and give some general defense.
  • Spirits like Pain, Bloodsong, Shadowsong, Displacement and Union can really help you. They deal nice damage and protect you. You can just run circles and they will kill the Rabid Bear.
  • Use Brutal Weapon to deal more damage with the club.
  • Take the Necromancer skill Insidious Parasite or similar, and an interrupt skill (e.g. Distracting Shot). Cast Insidious Parasite on the bear so it hurts itself and heals you, and use your interrupt skill to prevent it from casting Troll Unguent. When using Distracting shot, remember to change from your bow to the Club of a Thousand Bears before finishing the bear off.