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  1. Take Rastin's request to Artisan Daved in Old Ascalon.
  2. Deliver the Scribe's supplies to Witness Rastin in Old Ascalon.

Obtained from

Witness Rastin in Old Ascalon


Prophecies Character



"Unseen Ones protect you. This land has seen much tragedy. Even in this place, I feel the spirits of the dead, filled with confusion and anger. I can consecrate this ground, so that the dead may have some peace, but I will need very special items for the ceremony. I believe there is a craftsman here in Old Ascalon called Artisan Daved, who is capable of fashioning exactly what I need. Would you take this list to him and bring back the supplies he gives you"

Intermediate Dialogue (Artisan Daved)

"Let me see that. A list of things for Witness Rastin, looks like. I must say, you're lucky I've got all of this here. Some unusual requests, indeed. Well, there you go. That's everything on his list."
"While you're here, you might want to see if I can make anything you need. Any town or city will have crafters and weaponsmiths, but artisans like myself are not so easy to come by."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you. These supplies from Daved should suffice. Rest assured, soon the spirits of the dead shall be granted the peace they deserve. Such are the blessings of the Unseen Ones."


The easiest way to do this quest is to travel to Sardelac Sanitarium, enter Old Ascalon and head east to Artisan Daved. Give Artisan Daved Rastin's Request and he will then give you Ceremonial Items for Rastin. Then travel back to Ascalon City (Post-Searing), leave there and head back to Witness Rastin to give him the Ceremonial Items and get your reward.


  • This quest seems to be the first time in the campaign where the Unseen Ones are mentioned.