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The Realms of the Gods are the domains of the Gods of Tyria. They are not located in the world of Tyria itself, they exist in the Mists.

Players can gain access to the Realms of the Gods through giving tribute to an avatar of one of the Gods at the Temple of the Ages in the Prophecies Campaign, Zin Ku Corridor in the Factions Campaign or the Chantry of Secrets in the Nightfall Campaign. Access to the Underworld is also granted by Grenth's avatar in the Lornar's Pass explorable.

These areas are amongst the most challenging in the game, but also offer the greatest experience and rewards. Currently, players can reach two:

Entering a realm[]


  • Henchmen are not ascended and thus cannot enter. Heroes may enter enter as they are considered to be Ascended.
  • The maximum party size is 8.
  • To check if the world has favor, use the /favor emote.
  • To summon an avatar, use the /kneel emote in front of its statue.
  • The party will be ejected and returned to the entry point if (a) any critical NPC dies or (b) all human members of the party die.