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A Reaper of the Underworld

Reapers are the servants of Grenth in his realm, the Underworld. They harvest the souls of the dead and shepherd them to their final resting place, to be decided by Grenth .

These Reapers are besieged in the Underworld by the vile Terrorweb Dryders, prompting Grenth's grip on the Underworld to waver, and causing disruption in the fate of souls in the Underworld. They may be freed by killing the Terrorweb Dryders at their statues. (after freeing the Reaper of the Labyrinth, the quest Restore the monuments of Grenth needs to be taken in order to spawn the Dryders at the other statues). Once freed, the Reapers offer players immediate transportation to any other freed Reaper, along with different quests.

These are the Reapers of the Underworld:

Skills Used[]


  • If a Reaper is killed, your party will automatically fail, and be sent back to the outpost (except during the quest The Nightman Cometh, where you can afford to lose up to 6 Reapers).
  • The Reapers have the same appearance as Smoke Phantoms and the Avatar of Grenth (NPC).
  • After the first ten Underworld quests have been completed, the Reapers will no longer teleport the entire party, but only individual players.
  • Note that after any party member enters the Hall of Judgment, all Reapers on the regular Underworld map will disappear, making any further teleporting impossible.
  • For a list, see Category:Reapers.