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Reaper of the Ice Wastes
Reaper of the Ice Wastes.JPG
Species: Reaper
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 28


The Reaper of the Ice Wastes is a servant of Grenth who governs the Ice Wastes of the Underworld. He can be found by Grenth's Statue in the Ice Wastes. For him to appear, you have to destroy the Terrorweb Dryders around the statue. He can teleport the party to the other Reapers of the Underworld, as soon as they have been freed (see quest Restoring Grenth's Monuments).

Take care not to let any monsters come near the Reaper. If he dies, your party will be kicked out of the Underworld.

Quests Given[]

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"These are the Ice Wastes, home to Grenth's eternal servants. It is said that the first worshipers of the god of death were rewarded for their fealty with icy immortality. They wander this place, forever on guard against intruders to the Underworld. In this frozen afterlife, the ice golems exist for nothing more than to serve their god. Be careful that you do not incur their wrath, for little more than a touch is enough to destroy even the most fiery of mortals."