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  1. Speak with Su again when you are ready to eliminate the Naga.
  2. Escort Su through the cave and destroy any Naga you find.
  3. See Su for your reward.

Obtained From

Su in Panjiang Peninsula


Track Down Su



"So, you passed my brother's test. Well, perhaps you can be of some use to me, then. I need to clear this cave of Naga. They are little more than pests to someone with my powers, but for you, perhaps they will provide a challenge. In fact, this will be a good test for your abilities."
"Take a moment to review the skills I am about to give you. Then, speak with me again once you are ready to test your skills."

Reward Dialogue

"I see the Naga were not much of a challenge for you after all."


An Audience with Master Togo


This quest is extremely easy if you stay back and let Su do all the work, since the Naga are only level 2 and the occasional level 6 and 10. Su and your other allies will help you out a lot in this quest.


  • When you accept this quest Su gives you the skills Barbed Signet and Soul Feast.
  • Only one group of Naga spawns in the cave when you take the quest. You could go through the cave and kill all the naga before taking the quest, thus leaving only the one group which spawns. However, if you do this, you will not have the assistance of Su, Soon Kim, and Li Yun in clearing the rest of the Naga.