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Redemptor Karl
Redemptor Klaus.JPG
Species: Human
Profession: Monk Monk-icon.png
Level(s): 10, 20

Redemptor Karl, NPC[]

Redemptor Karl was at first skeptical that the plague would even affect the Kurzicks. Danika was insistent that he allow the players into Kurzick lands.

Quests Involved In[]


Skills Used[]


In Pongmei Valley, during quest The Count's Daughter:

"This plague is a message from the gods. Clearly they are not happy with the Canthan Empire."

When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"The end comes for us all. You have delayed it for a time, and for that you have my thanks."

Redemptor Karl, Protection Henchman[]

Profession: Monk, specializing in Protection Prayers
Armament: Staff

Redemptor Karl is a henchman available in the Echovald Forest.

He is rather morbid and dark in his outlook on life, as can be seen from his dialogue and quotes.


Skills used[]

Known attribute levels: 12 Divine Favor, 12 Protection Prayers


Karl has a tendency to use Draw Conditions on Disease, thus infecting the party members standing near him.


"There are many ways to create something. Death for example, can create life. If it is my time to die I would rather it be while creating a new future for my house than deliberating over ancient texts. I cannot choose the time but I can choose the path. Did you need something from me?"


Idle in the Echovald Forest:

  • "In the stillness you can feel the five true gods coursing through this world."
  • "My end will come swift enough. I am glad for this respite."
  • "Youth made me want age. Age made me want wisdom. Wisdom made me selfless."

Redemptor Karl meets Redemptor Karl in Arborstone during the quest Song and Stone

Battle quotes:

  • "A single life is a small price to pay for the future."
  • "Can you hear it calling?"
  • "Die with honor. Die with faith. Die with the light."
  • "Fear not death's dark song."
  • "I am but dust in the wind."
  • "I will pass into the next world soon enough."
  • "My time is near, I can feel it."
  • "The dark song is near!"
  • "The next time I will not be so lucky."
  • "You will not fall, but I shall."



  • The battle quote, "I am but dust in the wind", is most likely a reference to Kansas' song "Dust in the Wind" (see the lyrics).

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