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Disambiguous.png This article is about the blue version of the Canthan pet crabs. For the red crab, see Lurker.
Reef Lurker
Reef Lurker.jpg
Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 5

Reef Lurkers are charmable animals native to the Jade Sea.



Blue, red and white crabs.

  • The easiest place to charm a Reef Lurker is in Archipelagos just outside Cavalon.
  • A level 15 Elder Crab (a misnamed Reef Lurker with the elder evolution) spawns near Milodestus the Wrangler in Boreas Seabed for him to charm. By flagging your heroes/henchmen off the radar to his group's spawn point, they can be killed/interrupted before he can charm the Reef Lurker. Sometimes, a nearby group of Naga will help distract him.
  • Like the Lurkers and White Crabs, they walk sideways.
  • Reef Lurkers deal slashing damage.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! The red crabs encountered in Pongmei Valley are named "Reef Lurker," but they are identified as "Lurkers" for the purposes of unlocking animals in the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds.