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  1. Search King's Watch for Charr.
  2. See Lord Darrin for your reward.

Obtained from:

Sergeant Brannen in Regent Valley (just outside of Fort Ranik).


Prophecies Character
The Great Northern Wall (mission)


Piercing damage:11-18 (req. 3 Marksmanship)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance:10%)
Damage +15% (vs. Charr)
Uses a Half Moon skin


"Prince Rurik is organizing troops to push the Charr back past the Wall. The beasts have made it all the way back here to Regent Valley, and we're going to clean it out. You can help us by heading southwest to King's Watch and securing the area around the ruins. When it's secure and cleared of all Charr, report to Lord Darrin."

Reward Dialogue

"It's a relief to know that King's Watch is secure. Every king of Ascalon, including King Adelbern himself, was crowned on that location. It would be a shame to see it despoiled further. Now, we must finish what we started. Let's retake the Wall."


Exit Fort Ranik and head west along the tar river. Eventually you'll find the King's Watch Historical Marker used in Cities of Ascalon. Near that is a group of Charr. Kill them and return to Lord Darrin in Fort Ranik for your reward.

Route to King's Watch

Tip: If you wait to do this quest until you also have the The Red-Cloaked Deserter quest from Farrah Cappo in Piken Square and the Cities of Ascalon quest from Symon the Scribe in Ascalon City, you can save some walking, since all require going to the King's Watch area.