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Regina Buenaobra is the current Community Manager for ArenaNet, replacing Gaile Gray. Regina's first day on the job at ArenaNet was April 7, 2008. Prior to ArenaNet, she worked as a community manager for Xfire.

Regina has played Guild Wars, though at times only sporadically, over the past two and a half years, saying that it has captured her attention the best. While she does admit that parts of it now bore her, she has yet to master all of her targeted professions, explore every single corner of the world, or capture all the skills that she wants to.


  • Regina prefers to be called Regina or by her handle Brinstar.
  • Regina considers herself a feminist [1][2], loves tea, and is an avid gamer.
  • Regina Buenaobra writes a gaming blog in her spare time, and is also a Contributing Writer for Cerise Magazine.
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