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Main items as well as off-hand items pose an attribute requirement in order to use them to their full benefit. It is a common misunderstanding that items for which a player does not meet the requirement do not give any benefit at all - the gain is mitigated somewhat, but not obliterated completely:

  • For melee weapons, bows and spears (see the different skill types), the min. and max. damage is reduced by 1 for every point the requirement is not met. Example: A Warrior wielding a max dmg Axe (6-28) with req. 9 in Axe Mastery will only do 4-26 damage when having his Axe Mastery set to 7.
  • Off-hand focus items and main-hand caster weapons - e.g a holy rod - that provide a energy bonus have their gain mitigated based on the value of their requirement. The following table consolidates the observations from several testers, which were also confirmed by others:
The table's caption
req.6 req.7 req.8 req.9 req.10 req.11 req.12 req.13
Normal Gain +10 - - +12 - - +12 +12
Mitigated Gain +6 - - +3 - - +6 +6
Mitigated Gain (%) 60% - - 25% - - 50% 50%

Preliminary Conclusion

  • Speaking in general terms, there seems to be a "mitigated gain" cap (that is, the absolute maximum energy gain when not meeting the requirement) of a total of 6 energy.
  • The most common req. 9 items (as they include the collector items) seem to have the biggest drawback with respect to the mitigated energy gain, which is only 25%.
  • Be aware that Weakness causes all attributes to drop by -1, so meeting the req. demand by even +1 should be the wisest choice, especially when equipped with one of the wide-spread req. 9 items.