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  1. Destroy the seeds of corruption. You have 5...0 seeds of corruption left.
  2. Return to Eternal Forgemaster for your reward.

Obtained from

Eternal Forgemaster in The Fissure of Woe


Defend the Temple of War


10,000 XP


"Here at the heart of the Temple of War are forged the very arms and armor of the gods. This most sacred of places has been defiled. During the brief period while the vile Shadow Army of Menzies usurped the Temple, they choked the pure fires of the forge with a vile miasma used to imbue all their weapons with an unholy taint.
Though they have been driven from the Temple, the source of the corruption remains in the tunnel that feeds the forge. Go to the tunnel and purge it of all seeds of corruption."
Accept: "I'm on my way."
Reject: "I do not have time for this now."

Reward Dialogue

"I shall bear witness of your deeds to Balthazar. The fires burn pure once more. Perhaps now I can resume my work."


Leave the forge through the southern exit and keep to the right. There will be three large groups of Shadow Army creatures. After defeating them, you will find the entrance to the tunnels close by (commonly referred to as the Spider Cave).

In addition to the visible dryders and seeds, you will be attacked by Armored Cave Spiders that come down from the ceiling. Advance slowly, even if it looks like the coast is clear. The Seeds themselves, however, are relatively easy to kill.

After you kill the last seed, return to the Eternal Forgemaster for your reward.


  • Upon completion of this quest, you will be able to have the forgemaster craft Obsidian armor (also known as Fissure armor) for you. He'll also buy items, so you can sell any loot you found on the way, enabling you to clear your inventory of "junk" before continuing on.
  • You have to do this quest each time you enter the Fissure if you want to forge armor. Having done it before does not count.