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  1. Summon the Reaper of the Chaos Planes
  2. Summon the Reaper of the Ice Wastes
  3. Summon the Reaper of the Bone Pits
  4. Summon the Reaper of the Spawning Pools
  5. Summon the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale
  6. Summon the Reaper of the Twin Serpent Mountains
  7. Return to Reaper of the Labyrinth for your reward. [sic]

Obtained from

Reaper of the Labyrinth in The Underworld


Clear the Chamber



"The Terrorwebs have imprisoned the Reapers of the Underworld. Without them, the statues of Grenth are not active, and the death god's control of this realm grows weaker. Reawaken the six reapers and help them return to their statues. Once the statues are active, you will find travel through the Underworld much easier."
Accept: "I'll do it!"
Reject: "I can't help you!"

Reward Dialogue

"You've helped restore Grenth's presence, but there is still much work to be done."


You can take this quest on the side as you adventure through the Underworld. It does not spawn very disasterous spawns like some of the other quests and it will open many quests as each Reaper freed will offer new quests and facilitate travel.

You will need to travel to the location of each Reaper (a monument of Grenth) and defeat the group of three Terrorweb Dryders spawned by the quest. Once they are defeated, the Reaper of that specific area will appear.

As the quest suggests, once a Reaper is freed, you will be able to speak to him and he will teleport you to the location of any other Reaper that you have freed. The Reapers also have quests with great experience rewards, but be aware that taking any quests without consulting the party is unwise.


  • If any of the Reapers dies, your group is returned to the outpost they started from.
  • If you are going to venture far in the Underworld, you might want to clear the surroundings of the statues of Grenth in the Forgotten Vale, Twin Serpent Mountains and Spawning Pools before taking this quest. The Terrorwebs are positioned in those areas close to other monsters that might attack the Reaper after it spawns. So either clear them before taking this quest or be sure to kill those before attacking the Terrorwebs.